by and with Peppino Marabita


-Malleable show- is a mix of physical theater and circus (eccentric juggling, clown, free balancing ladder) a succession of situations that arise, transform and give life to the scene. That's how a sweeper becomes a juggler, a crooked dancer can balance as the equilibrist: an alternation of virtuosity and failures, faced with poetic irony, always in continuous dialogue with the audience.

Malleable is a show that adapts to all situations, from the street art festival to the theater stage to the circus ring, accessible to all the inhabitants of the planet earth. And aliens…

An extravagant and engaging 30-minute flow led by an unusual sailor.

A non-sense show that must be watched, at least, once in a lifetime. 


/// Physical Theatre /// Circus /// Juggling /// Free Standing Ladder ///





Genre: Theatre and Street Circus

Disciplines: Physical Theatre, Juggling, Free Standing Ladder

Audience: for all ages, 0> 100 years

Duration: about 30 minutes

Scenic space: 5 x 5 m (minimum), uniform flat flooring, well lit.

Height: 5 m (minimum, for indoor locations)

Wiring: 220 volt electrical outlet

Time: preparation 20 minutes / disassembly 15 minutes

Audio system: autonomous (For very large spaces, an appropriate audio system is required)

Requests: dressing room. Parking near the event

Notes: possibility of arrival by car for unloading equipment


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