by and with Peppino Marabita


malleable (adj.), ductile (adj.), flexible (adj.), pliable (adj.), moldable (adj.), foldable (adj.), soft (adj.), docile (adj.), mild (adj.)


Also translatable as "the art of adapting": to the street, to the urban space, to the ever-changing audience and to the stumbling blocks of life, as the clown teaches us. Peppino, entertainer with a lively and captivating verve, tackles everything with a light-hearted spirit, capable of responding to the unexpected with improvisation and creativity. An eclectic figure whose body speaks alternating the art of mime and clown, with a marked verbal comedy.


Malleabile  is a show that mixes Physical Theatre and Circus Arts (eccentric juggling, free standing ladder, balancing) in a continuous empathic dialogue with the audience, looking for a universal language that everyone can understand.


/// Physical Theatre /// Circus /// Juggling /// Free Standing Ladder ///




Genre: Theatre and Street Circus

Disciplines: Physical Theatre, Juggling, Free Standing Ladder

Audience: for all ages, 0> 100 years

Duration: about 30 minutes

Scenic space: 5 x 5 m (minimum), uniform flat flooring, well lit.

Height: 5 m (minimum, for indoor locations)

Wiring: 220 volt electrical outlet

Time: preparation 20 minutes / disassembly 15 minutes

Audio system: autonomous (For very large spaces, an appropriate audio system is required)

Requests: dressing room. Parking near the event

Notes: possibility of arrival by car for unloading equipment


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